Online Admission/Registration Procedure for 2023-2024:

1. Go to our school's website and select the "Admissions" tab.

2. Include all necessary details, such as student information, parent or guardian information, and any supporting documentation, in the online application form.

3. Make sure all required documents, including birth certificates, passport-size pictures, adhaar card photocopies, transcripts from your previous schooling, and any other requirements, are uploaded before submitting the application form online. In addition, the date of birth and sensitive information must be filled out correctly

4. Utilize the provided payment gateway to pay the application fee online.

5. After receiving your application, a member of our admissions team will review it and might get in touch with you if they need any additional details.

6. If your application is approved, you will receive an email with instructions for the next steps, including fee payment and document verification, along with an admission offer letter.

7. To obtain admission, fulfill the requirements within the allotted time frame

8. Facilities like transportation can also be availed of in addition to online registration through a helpdesk connected to Scientific Study. All you have to do is raise your doubt on the page where we’ll contact you.

For further inquiries related to admissions, contact us here.

Offline Admission/Registration Procedure for 2023-2024:

1. Pick up the admission form from the administrative office when you visit our school campus.

2. Fill out the physical application form as completely as possible, and then attach all required supporting documentation according to the provided checklist.

3. During the designated admission hours, turn in the completed application form and any supporting paperwork to the administration office

4. At the office, pay the application fee in person.

5. Our admissions team will review your application after submission and may get in touch with you if they need any additional details.

6. You will receive a phone call or in-person notification along with an admission offer letter if your application is accepted.

7. The admission process must be completed within the allotted time frame, including payment of fees and document verification.

8. Please be aware that, depending on the specific admission period and circumstances, there may be variations in the availability of online or offline admission

Please visit our school's website's Admissions section or get in touch with our admission office directly for more information on the admissions process, requirements, and deadlines.