Career Counseling

Little Angels Higher Secondary School is committed to supporting students in their decision-making regarding their academic and professional pursuits, and we make sure to offer a variety of resources to support them along the way. Our institute provides free career counseling for students after the 12th grade.

We’ve partnered with Scientific Study after readily understanding the concerns of parents and students. This platform provides the best possible online career counseling to students, which is the immediate need of today’s hour. Moreover, our school page is directly connected to their website. It maintains the transparency of data between us, them, and, most importantly, you.

The knowledgeable staff at our school is committed to providing each student with individualized guidance. We strongly believe that self-introspection is the cornerstone of career exploration, and we offer career assessments to students to help them identify their interests, values, and personality traits. Students who better understand themselves are better able to make informed choices about their future careers.

Through extensive research and informed interviews, we assist them in locating a variety of career opportunities. In addition, we provide them with the advantage of learning about various professions and educational options, enabling them to make informed decisions about their academic pursuits

To develop a career, academic planning is essential. We collaborate closely with students to create plans that support their objectives. To ensure that students have a well-rounded educational experience that is in line with their future endeavors, we offer guidance on course selection and extracurricular activities.