General Rules

At Little Angels Higher Secondary School in Mhow, we constantly try to build a secure, dignified, and inclusive environment for education for all students. Moreover, we have established the following general rules and regulations for the smooth functioning of the institute:

1. The pupils are required to behave toward all members of the school's community, which includes other students, educators, workers, and visitors, with dignity and humility. Rudeness, bias, bullying, or other forms of harassment will not be tolerated.

2. Academic success requires a commitment to regular attendance and punctuality. All classes and school events must start on time for students, and any absences or tardiness should be reported following the school's policies to the appropriate person.

3. Academic honesty and integrity are required of all students in all of their work. Any type of academic dishonesty, including plagiarism and cheating, is strictly forbidden.

4. The actions, conduct, and possessions of each student are their responsibility. When bringing personal items, electronics, or valuables to school, students are expected to take good care of the property, keep it clean, and abide by any special rules.

5. All students must follow the school's dress code and uniform policy. It is expected that students will dress modestly, appropriately, and in a way that upholds the school's principles.

6. Students are required to abide by all safety regulations, including those about transportation, equipment use, and emergency protocols.

7. It is expected that technology will be used appropriately and responsibly. Regarding the use of computers, the internet, social media, and other electronic devices, students should follow the school's rules.

8.Students must follow the official communications from the school administration regarding all policies, rules, and regulations.

We foster respect, responsibility, and a positive learning environment for all students by abiding by these general rules and guidelines. We value the support of the staff, parents/guardians, and students in upholding these rules and ensuring the success of our school community as a whole.