Learning Skills

Little Angels Higher Secondary School is in the city of Mhow holds the belief that educational opportunities go beyond typical subjects, and we are devoted to creating a well-rounded educational environment for our students.

With our wide variety of educational abilities, we hope to encourage their hobbies, interests, and personal growth. Apart from this, we ensure an efficient method of learning top skills for students.

In addition, we are excited to announce that our partnership with Scientific Study is the best element for encouraging our students to learn. They have successfully developed a mobile application to provide a praiseworthy learning experience. It consists of several modules for teachers and students. This helps them create and answer as many questions as they want

We encourage the students to learn and enjoy top skills that can help them build a great career.

To develop a career, academic planning is essential. We collaborate closely with students to create plans that support their objectives. To ensure that students have a well-rounded educational experience that is in line with their future endeavors, we offer guidance on course selection and extracurricular activities.


We offer students the freedom to be themselves through dance, develop coordination, and boost their creative abilities. It builds a greater sense of confidence in them and encourages them to love this art form.

Singing and Music Learning

The students learn to be more patient and understand the importance of teamwork by performing in different group singing performances. We host competitions as well, where they come forward to give individual performances.

Painting, Drawing, Sketching, Art and Craft

Our experienced drawing teachers are absolute charmers, as they understand the loopholes behind this beautiful art. They encourage students by allowing them to interact with the colors.

Leadership Abilities, Problem-Solving Skills, and Critical Thinking

We organize debates, competitions, and several other events at our school. By participating in them, students learn to express their opinions and viewpoints gracefully and fearlessly in a respectful manner. This enhances their leadership abilities.


The annual Sports Meet is one of the most anticipated events for all sports enthusiasts. It helps talented individuals showcase their talents in different games and inculcates the spirit of sportsmanship in them.

Technology, Programming, and Coding

Technology lovers can also avail themselves of the benefit of learning new coding languages in a fun manner. This is one of the highest-paying skills for the upcoming time because technology is advancing continuously.

Learning New Languages

At our institute, we promote global and cultural communication by introducing students to foreign languages like French.

Writing and Reading

We keep them connected to both traditional and modern methods of reading and writing. We ensure they get sufficient time to read the newspaper as a fun activity and write essays on the topics given to them.