Principal’s Message

Dear Parents,

I, Rajan trivadi , Principal of the Little Angels Higher Secondary School, Mhow, Madhya Pradesh have been serving this institute for the last Number of Serving years.

I strongly believe that education must be provided to all individuals, irrespective of their background. This is so because it has immense strength to change society. Moreover, this powerful tool called education can enlighten the rooms of darkness. It holds the capability to transform one’s entire life through the rivers of wisdom. For this reason, our school ensures that it provides a safe and secure environment for the students and staff members so that their creative juices can grow with time.

Our sole aim is to empower the pupils to think of innovative ideas by focusing on both the theoretical and practical aspects of knowledge. We understand that in today’s ever-improving world, technology plays an important role. Therefore, our school has well-equipped laboratories and infrastructure. We keep investing in these elements so that our students can keep themselves updated on all the new advancements.

I believe that it’s necessary to keep the educators at one’s school encouraged. Otherwise, one cannot expect the students to feel empowered. Hence, I make sure to conduct as many activities and competitions as possible at the institute. This keeps them active and boosts their confidence to give their best possible effort.

Academics influence the development of a child significantly. However, it is wrong to ignore fun extracurricular activities because of it. A balanced approach is a wise choice, as it leads to better mindful performance.