Guidelines for Parents

We feel that the involvement of parents and their support are necessary for the overall growth of our students. We respect the collaboration between parents and the staff members of the school community.

Little Angels Higher Secondary School, Mhow, provides the following guidelines for parents to ensure harmonious and effective collaboration:

  1. Communicate with the school frequently and openly. Utilize formal channels of communication, such as newsletters, emails, or the school website, to stay informed about rules, happenings, and updates at the school.

  2. Make sure your child shows up to school on time and frequently.

  3. The holiday list can be found on the school's official website, which parents are asked to use. This will offer the most recent details on important vacation dates and school closings.

  4. It is crucial to get a gate pass issued while entering the school premises. This is to maintain the overall security of the school.

  5. If parents have any doubts regarding transportation or vehicle facilities, they can contact the helpdesk on the school's website, which is directly linked to Scientific Study.

  6. Participate in school activities, parent-teacher conferences, and other occasions that advance the academic and personal growth of your child. Encourage your child's participation in extracurricular activities and support the school's initiatives.

  7. Encourage and assist your child in learning at home by creating a comfortable setting for study, helping with homework, and encouraging a love of reading.

  8. Please download the Scientific Study Mobile Application, where critical notifications are shared, to stay updated on upcoming parent-teacher conferences. The app will display schedules, enabling parents to schedule appointments and actively engage in their child's academic progress.

  9. For comprehensive school communication, we encourage all parents to utilize the app or web portal regularly. It serves as the main source of information for a variety of updates regarding the school, ensuring efficient and prompt communication between parents, teachers, and the administration.

  10. Develop a respectful and helpful attitude toward all members of the school community, including the teachers, staff, and other parents. By setting up meetings with teachers or contacting the administration, you can adequately address any problems or concerns.

  11. Encourage your family to uphold the principles and standards of behavior. Make sure your child understands the value of respect, honesty, empathy, and kindness.