Rules and Regulations

To establish a disciplined and secure learning environment, School Name in City strictly expects everyone to follow them. These rules encourage students to be respectful and disciplined, creating an environment that is favorable to learning.

Students gain a sense of responsibility and self-discipline by following the rules, preparing them for difficulties in both academic and professional settings in the future. Additionally, by upholding fairness and equality, rules guarantee that every student has an equal chance to learn and succeed.

1. Transportation:

Students must follow the rules and guidelines provided by the transportation department. This calls for decency, punctuality, and respect for the driver and other students. In addition, if students have any doubts regarding transportation or vehicle facilities, they can contact the helpdesk on the school's website, which is directly linked to Scientific Study.

2. Library:

You can conduct research and quiet study in the library. Borrowed items must be returned on time and in good condition by students. The library should follow the school's technology policies regarding the use of electronic devices and internet access. Students can access their digital library through the Scientific Study Online Application. It consists of all the questions created related to their subjects and topics in the most structured manner.

3. Code of Conduct

Students are expected to act in a respectful, honest, and ethical manner and to uphold high standards of conduct. Any disruptive behavior, including bullying, harassment, discrimination, and stalking, is not tolerated. In addition to respecting others' rights and dignity, students are expected to adhere to the directives of teachers, staff, and administrators.

4. Field Rules:

To ensure their safety and the safety of others, students must adhere to teacher and staff instructions when taking part in field trips or other outdoor activities. It is critical to show respect for the surroundings, amenities, and property. Students should stay on the designated paths, dispose of waste properly, and abstain from any behavior that could be harmful.