School Facilities

Facilities that we provide for our students' development:

At Little angel higher secondary school, Mhow, we are devoted to creating a positive educational environment furnished with cutting-edge technology. Our institute provides several facilities to support the development of our students, including:

  1. Well-equipped classrooms with interactive teaching aids: Our classrooms are outfitted with cutting-edge technology and interactive tools to improve learning and effectively engage students. They captivate students' attention.

  2. Computer and science labs for hands-on learning: We have dedicated computer and science labs that offer practical learning opportunities and let students explore and experiment in their respective fields. Students benefit from practical application.

  3. Large book and digital resource collection in a library: A substantial collection of print and digital resources are available in the school library, encouraging students to read and conduct research. Our well-stocked library gives students plenty of chances to learn about themselves.