School Uniform

It is crucial for everyone connected to an institute to abide by all of its policies and guidelines. Similarly, we at Little Angels Higher Secondary School, Mhow expect the school students to follow them strictly.

The mandatory rules related to the school uniform involve:

1. All pupils are obligated to wear the specified school uniform. It must be put on neatly, with careful consideration of its condition and proper fit

2. Students are required to wear the dress code in the manner specified. Accessories and alterations to the uniform are not permitted, except for religious or medical causes, which require prior permission

3. Students must keep themselves organized and tidy. Hairstyles should be simple and not cause any distractions. Nails should be clean and clipped to a reasonable length

4. Students are responsible for the proper handling and keeping of their uniforms. Regular washing, ironing, and fixing of any damages are expected to ensure a bright and presentable appearance.

5. On scheduled days and events, different uniforms or specific attire may be required. Students will be notified in advance regarding such instances.

6. The inability to follow the uniform rules might result in disciplinary action.